MEOW Pink 3rd eye

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MEOW Pink 3rd EYE Third Eye Visionary Aviator Glasses

These Third Eye Collection SpunGlasses feature a One of a Kind Buddha Centerpiece, Copper Wire Wrapping and Fire Agate Gemstones. They create a beautiful look to go with your Festival Fashion or Weekend Fun.

SpunGlasses are one of a kind Artisan Wire Wrapped Sunglasses. Using a cold fusion technique called wire wrapping. We hand weave intricate patterns with very thin high quality non-tarnishing healing copper wire to create one of a kind eyewear. 

    • Shape: Round w cat ears

    • Frame : Metal

    • Lens Size : Normal

    • Lens color: Pink

    • ***** The pair for sale is same frames and centerpiece but the wire is all gold no turquoise

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