LEO Peridot Gemstones

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LEO Peridot Gemstones Wire Wrapped Spunglasses

Introducing SpunGlasses, unparalleled Artisan Wire Wrapped Sunglasses that stand as truly unique creations. Through the ingenious method of wire wrapping, we have skillfully integrated the mesmerizing  peridot gemstones into the frames, adding an extra touch of elegance. Our meticulous craftsmanship involves weaving intricate patterns using the innovative cold fusion technique. This involves delicately interlacing ultra-fine, top-tier healing copper wire that maintains its pristine appearance, resulting in exceptional eyewear that's unmatched in its singularity. Peridot is the birthstone for Leo.


  • Shape: Round

  • Frame color: Gold

  • Lens Size : Normal
  • Lens color: Green

  • UV Rating: 100% UVA/UVB

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