5 AMETHYST 3rd eye ONLY 1

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5 AMETHYST 3rd eye ONLY 1 Spunglasses

Featuring 5 by the carat cut Amethyst. We just returned from the Franklin gem  and mineral show and this was the first gem pair we made.

The Third Eye Collection- Features a unique centerpiece. We use gemstones, 1 of 1 centerpieces and much more to create this piece of wearable art.

SpunGlasses are one of a kind Artisan Wire Wrapped Sunglasses. Using a cold fusion technique called wire wrapping we hand weave all the wire by hand and hand apply the wire onto the glasses making no two pairs identical.

  • Shape: Round
  • Frame : Metal

  • Lens Size : Normal

  • Lens color: Rainbow

  • Style: Third Eye

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